HR Roles and Responsibilities


HR Responsibilities
ProcessDepartmentSSCCentral Office
  • Position Description
  • Post vacancies and new positions
  • Recruitment Exceptions (title/salary adjustments or
    direct hires)
  • Communicate need to SSC
  • Provide justification for
    search or recruitment
  • Obtain and provide evidence of approval(s) from hierarchy
  • Provide current CV of
    candidate (recruitment
    exceptions only)
  • Convene search committee and review applicants
  • Conduct interviews
  • Make initial verbal offer to
    qualified candidate
  • Notify SSC of the details of the offer and dispensation of those not hired
  • Complete certain portions of visa application (international hires)
  • Assist with writing position description
  • Facilitate the gathering of
    information for job
  • Confirm funding
  • Write and post
    advertisements (if requested)
  • Submit job posting in
    recruitment system
  • Submit request for official offer in recruitment system
  • Assist with visa application (if requested)
  • Provide guidance to
    department at all points in process
  • Final review position description and ad copy, index bundle
  • Designate FLSA
  • Review and approve final
    posting in recruitment system
  • Notify department and SSC of work authorization needs (visa)
  • Review and post official offer in recruitment system
  • Order background checks
  • Provide guidance to department and SSC at all points in process


HR Responsibilities
ProcessDepartmentSSCCentral Office
  • Obtain the required forms
    and identification for employment
  • Orient new hire to campus
  • Ensure timely entry into
    payroll system and other campus access
  • Confirm new hire has completed onboarding process on first day of work.
  • Provide workspace set‐up,
    supplies, departmental
    orientation, and training
  • Watch for payroll notifications in departmental HR inbox
  • Ensure proper completion of all required new hire  docs
  • Initial orientation to campus benefits and services
  • Route completed onboarding summary to HR for keying
  • Finalize hire in  recruitment system
  • Notify department of background check outcome as needed
  • Key appointment into HR/Pay system

Time Review

HR Responsibilities
DepartmentSSCCentral Office
  • Employees key time using appropriate time collection
  • Supervisors approve keyed
    time at the end of each week
  • Notify SSC of missed punches or other issues
  • Delegation
  • Assist supervisors in resolving missed punches 
  • Escalate issues to HR/Pay team when needed
  • Run appropriate reporting each pay period and review for missing or unapproved time
  • Follow up with employees and  supervisors as needed
  • Run Time Administration
  • Send payroll to State
  • Work with departments and SSC to resolve conflicts and errors

Appointment Maintenance

HR Responsibilities
ProcessDepartmentSSCCentral Office
  • Change to FTE
  • Change to funding
  • Change to appointment period
  • Notify SSC of renewals, funding changes, FTE changes,  resignations, etc.
  • Obtain appropriate approval(s) from hierarchy as needed
  • Provide funding to SSC
  • Advise department on appropriate protocol for requested change
  • Confirm funding 
  • Complete and submit appropriate form (PAF, Additional Pay, etc.)
  • Key pure funding changes for non‐grant funds.
  • Advise SSC and department on appropriate protocol for requested change
  • Key appointment changes into HR/Pay system

GTA/GRA/GA Appointments

HR Responsibilities
DepartmentSSCCentral Office
  • Complete departmental
    section of 3G form in Perceptive Content and route forward
  • Provide compliance checks in accordance with campus policies
  • Provide duties/expectations,
    workspace set‐up, supplies,
    departmental orientation,
    and training to new hire
  • Verify and complete SSC HR sections of 3G  form in Perceptive Content and
    route forward
  • Perform hiring and onboarding tasks in appropriate systems
  • Field questions and facilitate resolution of routing issues/errors
  • Order background checks
  • Notify department of
    background check outcome as needed
  • Key appointment into HR/Pay system