Pharmacy & Biomedical Research Leadership

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Amy Carlson

PBR Director

Email Amy, or call (785) 864-5209

Amy Carlson has 20 years of experience in higher education, including 9 years at the University of Kansas, where she previously worked as the Manager of Post Award Services at the Higuchi Biosciences Center.

As Director of the Pharmacy and Biomedical Research Shared Service Center, Amy is responsible for cultivating an environment of outstanding customer service and accountability to the units served. She is dedicated to providing a collaborative environment, growth opportunities for staff, and effective working relationships with units across the University.





Caitlin Day Wedel

PBR Finance Manager

Email Caitlin, or call (785) 864-3961

Caitlin Day Wedel has been employed at the University of Kansas since 2011. She brings 12 years of experience in business management, accounting, and financial aid.

As a Finance Manager at PBR SSC, Caitlin is tasked with managing the financial operational duties on behalf of PBR units, while providing support and direction to the PBR Finance team. Caitlin is passionate about creating a positive culture in which team members strive to provide excellent customer service while growing personally and professionally.






Sara Crangle

PBR Research Manager

Email Sara, or call (785) 864-6005

Sara Crangle began working at the University of Kansas in 2012 and at the time of her hire as the PBR SSC Research manager, she had 4 years of higher education experience, and 8 years of project management experience in both the public and higher education fields.

Sara worked at KU Office of Research in Post Award Administration and Conflict of Interest prior to joining the PBR team. As the Research Manager, Sara provides leadership and oversight to the PBR research administration staff.






Matt Baker

PBR HR Manager

Email 5Matt516, or call (785) 864-25267

Matt Baker has worked in the Human Resources (HR) field since 2008, at the University of Kansas since 2010, and with the Shared Service Centers (SSCs) since 2014.  Previous to his time with the SSCs, he held positions within Human Resources Management and the Recruitment & Onboarding Center (ROC). 

As a SSC HR Manager, Matt provides leadership and oversight in all transactional business processes involving HR, including recruitment, onboarding, appointment maintenance, and time & leave review.








Connie Jordan

PBR HR Manager

Email Connie10, or call (785) 864-248611


Connie Jordan has over 20 years of experience in human resources and business management. Her KU career began in 2010 as a payroll/grant specialist with the KU Office of Research after transferring from the HR department at Kansas State University. In 2014 she accepted a position as a HR Coordinator supporting various departments within the Campus Administration and Operations Shared Service Center (CAO-SSC). Connie currently serves on Staff and University Senate.



Efficient and accurate service to departments and research units
Regularly assessed performance and customer satisfaction metrics
An environment of professionalism, where staff have a deep understanding of business practices
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