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Karla Williams

CPS Director

Email Karla, or call (785) 864-5605

Karla Williams

Karla Williams has worked at the University of Kansas for over 20 years, previously working as the Director of Financial Operations and Human Resources in the School of Business. As the Director in the College and Professional Schools Shared Service Center, Karla is responsible for cultivating an environment of customer service and providing customized support to the units served.

Karla serves as a member of the College and Professional Schools Shared Services Advisory Board, which meets quarterly to evaluate how well the Shared Service Center is meeting its commitments to departments and units, and to quickly address any lapses in service. Karla maintains close connections to the Deans, Directors and Chairs of the units her Shared Service Center serves.

Karla is also committed to the growth and development of her staff and works closely with the central departments to improve policy and coordinate training.



Ruth Allenbrand

CPS Finance Manager

Ruth Allenbrand

Email Ruth, or call (785) 864-3562

Ruth Allenbrand has been employed at the University of Kansas for over 20 years, previously working as an Accountant in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Budget Office. Ruth brings 13 years of experience from her work in the CLAS Budget Office, as well as her knowledge of the needs of the College units.

As a manager in the College and Professional Schools Shared Service Center, Ruth focuses on ensuring staff provide first-rate customer service to departments in the Humanities and the School of the Arts.



Joel Hood

CPS Finance Manager

Joel Hood

Email Joel, or call (785) 864-6857

Joel Hood brings over 20 years of experience in financial services and support. He has been with KU since 2008 and has an extensive knowledge of the systems and processing of financial transactions. As a manager in the College and Professional Schools Shared Service Center, he applies all of his knowledge and his commitment to superior customer service to support the LAS Departments.

In addition, he continues to interface with Purchasing, the College Dean’s Office, and other campus organizations to ensure the LAS Departments can meet their missions.



Kristi Thompson

CPS Finance Manager

Email Kristi, or call (785) 864-4672

Kristi Thompson

Kristi Thompson began working at The University of Kansas in 2001.  Kristi brings over 12 years of experience related to budgeting and accounting at the University from her work as Business Manager for the office of Business & Financial Planning. 

As a manager in the College and Professional Schools Shared Service Center, Kristi applies all of her knowledge of the budgeting systems and her extensive knowledge of State and University policies to support the departments within the Social and Behavioral Sciences and International and Interdisciplinary Studies. Kristi provides support and oversight to the finance staff and ensures that departments are receiving outstanding customer service from the SSC.



Lee Ann Adee

CPS HR Manager

Email Lee Ann, or call (785) 864-3542

Lee Ann Adee is a KU graduate and has been employed at the University of Kansas for over 9 years in various HR and financial roles across campus.  She currently serves as the Human Resources Manager for the College & Professional Schools SSC as well as the Engineering, Technology, & Environment SSC.

As manager, Lee Ann utilizes her knowledge of HR and finance to assist the departments supported by the SSCs and works closely with the HR staff in providing a high level of service and solutions for the professional schools across campus.



Diane Etzel-Wise

CPS Research Manager

Email Diane, or call (785) 864-3475

Diane Etzel-Wise has been associated with the University of Kansas since 2003, first as a GRA / PhD student in the School of Social Welfare, then as a Compliance Officer at KU Office of Research – Research Integrity unit. She continued working for the Office of Compliance at KU Medical Center in the Human Research Protection Program before returning to the Lawrence campus in this role as Research Manager for the College and Professional Schools Shared Service Center. Prior to her connection with KU, she served as the Executive Director of Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition, Assistant Professor at the University of Central Missouri, and administrative roles at community mental health centers in Kansas.

As Research Manager, Diane collaborates with the SSC grant coordinators, principle investigators, research staff and students, and the Office of Research to ensure efficient post–award navigation of sponsored projects awarded to researchers in the College and Professional Schools.

Efficient and accurate service to departments and research units
Regularly assessed performance and customer satisfaction metrics
An environment of professionalism, where staff have a deep understanding of business practices
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