Travel and Expense Services

For assistance, contact information for your SSC staff member can be found on the People Search

Your SSC staff are ready to assist with the following aspects of travel and expense:

  • Verify funding source
  • Setup new Vendor/Proxy
  • Create Travel Authorization
  • Assist with travel bookings/purchases
  • Create travel Expense Report/KUEA Travel Check Request and submit with supporting documentation

Travel Forms

Request a Travel Authorization or Help Booking Travel

To contact your SSC, please use the travel form below or contact your SSC finance staff member. To assist your SSC team member in booking your travel, it is helpful to provide information about your trip using the form below—you can choose to complete the form and submit information you may know about your plans


We look forward to working with you to meet your travel needs. 

Request a Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

To be reimbursed for expenses, please submit the form below with receipts to your SSC staff member. You can do this two ways:

  • Put the form and receipts in an envelope and drop in the collection box in your building (PDF).
  • Scan your receipts and the attached form to your SSC staff member using your department's MFD.

Efficient and accurate service to departments and research units
Regularly assessed performance and customer satisfaction metrics
An environment of professionalism, where staff have a deep understanding of business practices
Main Phone Lines & Fax Numbers

Campus Administration & Operations (CAO)

​Phone:  (785) 864-4169  
Fax:        (785) 864-3499

College & Professional Schools (CPS) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-4995
​Fax:        (785) 864-5945

Education, Social & Biobehavioral (ESB) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-5058  
Fax:       (785) 864-8818

Engineering, Technology & Environment (ETE) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-7688  
​Fax:        (785) 864-5313

Pharmacy & Biomedical Research (PBR) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-3961
Fax:        (785) 864-3578

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