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Changes to Shared Service Center Organization

Thursday, October 11, 2018

To address the campuswide budget cut announced by Interim Provost Carl Lejuez in May 2018, Senior Associate Vice Provost for Finance Jason Hornberger and the SSC leadership team eliminated vacant positions and restructured the SSC organization to maintain the best possible service for their customers. The primary change consolidated the previous five Shared Service Centers into four (see chart below), which included realigning managers and relocating some staff.

“In making these tough decisions, we looked at the overall strengths of our organization, along with the specific skillsets of individual SSC managers and staff. Our focus was on how to best serve our campus customers while minimizing internal and external disruption,” Hornberger said.

The changes and the new SSC model below will become effective in January 2019.

*In Red: Units that moved to new SSCs

Efficient and accurate service to departments and research units
Regularly assessed performance and customer satisfaction metrics
An environment of professionalism, where staff have a deep understanding of business practices
Main Phone Lines & Fax Numbers

Campus Administration & Operations (CAO)

​Phone:  (785) 864-4169  
Fax:        (785) 864-3499

College & Professional Schools (CPS) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-4995
​Fax:        (785) 864-5945

Education, Social & Biobehavioral (ESB) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-5058  
Fax:       (785) 864-8818

Engineering, Technology & Environment (ETE) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-7688  
​Fax:        (785) 864-5313

Pharmacy & Biomedical Research (PBR) 

​Phone:  (785) 864-3961
Fax:        (785) 864-3578

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