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Jody Milford

Jody Milford

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About Jody
Jody Milford is a KU graduate who began working for the University in 2004. She’s held positions in Graduate School & International Programs, Research & Graduate Studies, Human Resources, and the Shared Service Centers. Jody’s KU background includes supporting both administrative and academic departments in Finance-, HR-, and Research-related contexts which provides broad insight into the issues faced by the KU community and the SSCs. Her most recent role as a SSC HR Manager provided oversight for the College & Professional Schools SSC (now Carruth SSC) HR staff and quality assurance for departments as they transitioned into the SSC.

As the Director of the Carruth SSC, Jody is responsible for cultivating an environment of outstanding customer service and accountability to the units served. She has a particular interest in process improvement, providing opportunities for professional development for staff, and ensuring a high level of service for the units served by the Carruth SSC.

Deb Carter

Deb Carter
Carruth SSC Research/Finance Manager

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About Deb
Deb Carter has worked at KU for many years and currently serves as a Finance Manager in the Carruth SSC. Deb shares her knowledge of financial processes, budget management and University and State policies with her SSC colleagues and provides guidance to ensure that the SSC is providing top notch service. Deb works closely with her staff to build strong working relationships with departments in order to meet the needs of our KU students, faculty and staff.

Aimee Hunt

Aimee Hunt
Carruth SSC Finance Manager

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About Aimee
Aimee Hunt has been employed at the University of Kansas since 2008. Since March 2014, Aimee has been a finance manager in the Carruth Shared Service Center. Aimee uses her knowledge of the financial systems and training as well as her extensive knowledge of KU and State policies to support the Carruth SSC departments. Aimee provides oversight and guidance to the finance staff to ensure that superior levels of customer service are provided to the departments. Aimee works closely with Payables and Purchasing to help meet the needs of the Carruth SSC departments her team serves while staying in compliance with policy.


Andrea McGranahan

Andrea McGranahan
Carruth SSC HR Manager

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About Andrea
Andrea McGranahan began her University career in 2003. Andrea most recently served as the Recruitment Coordinator with the Recruitment & Onboarding Center (ROC) supporting functions for Campus Administration & Operations. She spent three years as the HR Manager for KU Information Technology. While working for the department of Human Resources, Andrea assisted departments with the University Support Staff evaluation process and tuition assistance program.

Erin Sommers

Erin Sommer
Carruth SSC Finance Manager

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About Erin
Erin Sommer began her career at the University of Kansas in 2014. She most recently worked on the Financial Management Systems team before returning to the Shared Service Centers in April 2018. As a manager in the Carruth SSC, Erin applies her financial systems experience and accounting background to support the financial staff and the departments they serve. Erin works closely with her team, central offices and the departments they support in order to meet the needs of KU faculty, staff and students.

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